Benefits & Transition to FIS Biodiesel

  • Biodiesel is infinitely renewable
  • Biodiesel is a far superior lubricant in comparison to normal diesel and extends engine life by up to 200%. A German trucking company won an entry into the Guinness Book of Records for traveling more than 1.8 Million miles on biodiesel with the same engine!! In fact 1% of biodiesel added to normal diesel will increase lubricity by 65%. The main effect of this is that it acts like a solvent to clean engines.
  • Performance has been shown to rate comparable to petroleum diesel in all respects - from power to efficiency, hauling and climbing   
  • Biodiesel burns 75% cleaner than fossil-fuel diesel.


  • Biodiesel usage Guide

          You don't need a conversion kit to use FIS biodiesel
       1. FIS biodiesel and petrol are completely miscible at any rate
       2. FIS biodiesel cannot be used in petrol engines
       3. B20: no precaution Necessary

Concepts to understand when using blends above 50%

Detergent effects

B100 acts as a detergent. It will loosen dirty carbon deposits stuck in your tank as a result of the use of fossil-diesel. It can, and probably will, eventually clog the engine's fuel filter. Be warned that this "clogging" can take place within hours, days or weeks. However, simply change your fuel filter and thereafter again at normal service intervals.

When to change your filter

Your vehicle will begin to experience power loss or your engine will shudder and start choking from lack of fuel. If your vehicle displays these symptoms, change the filter immediately


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