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The FIS Business strategy is built on driving forces which clearly separate the certain from the uncertain.

Global shift: Biodiesel production has increased by 300% in the last 6 years.

Government support: South Africa is a signatory member of the Kyoto Protocol and has set a target to achieve a 2% penetration of biodiesel in the national liquid fuel supply, or 200 million litres  per annum, by 2013. (Refer to Table 3.1 of the NSSD download).


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Local industry support: First In Spec Biofuels have had excellent feedback from all the major fuel companies and role-players in South Africa.

Industrial needs: Industry is being forced to pay the price for their pollution. Carbon Credits have changed views on industrial pollution.

Ecological imperative : Biodiesel is a far superior fuel than fossil diesel and emits 67% less carbon when blended with fossil fuel.

Health benefits : Studies show  that the widespread use of biofuels is assisting significantly the reduction of our carbon footprint.

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