The directors of the company:
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Louis Nyiri (MD)

Louis Nyiri- Managing Director, who originally hails form Germany and  is one of the leading figures in the biodiesel industry in South Africa, brings his vast technical experience and progressive thinking to First In Spec.

Louis has been involved in the biodiesel industry, both in the edible oil (virgin oil) side as well as the production side of the business for a number of years.
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Llewellyn Whiting (Finance and Procurement)

Llewellyn Whiting- Executive Director- heads up the financial and procurement division .Llewellyn has a strong financial background and has worked in forensic auditing firms for a number of years.

Llewellyn has been extremely successful where most other biodiesel companies have failed, and that is the ability of locating various oil suppliers who are able to supply First In Spec with ample feedstock that can be used to produce the highest specification biodiesel available.
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Hein Spies (Non-Executive Director)

Hein Spies- Non-Executive Director


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