Feedstock Supply

There are various feedstock options available for a biodiesel producer. Biodiesel producers use vegetable oil, either in its virgin (pure) state or as WVO (Waste vegetable Oil). WVO oil has been re-used for food preparation and unlawfully sold to rural communities in the past. The re-use of WVO for food preparation has many negative health implications and the emergence of the biodiesel trade has created a demand for WVO.

If we look at the biodiesel production industry on a global scale, one can gather that there are different feedstock options available in different countries. In a country such as Germany, the government has standardised the feedstock and has put subsidy- structures in place to ensure that Canola (Rapeseed) is a viable crop and Canola oil is the only recognised feedstock in Germany.

The only economically viable feedstock is WVO (Waste Vegetable Oil). Our research has shown that there is in excess of 30 million litres of  waste vegetable oil  in South Africa on a monthly basis available.

FIS Biofuels has secured in excess of 10 million litres of WVO per month from international oil suppliers.

First In Spec Biofuels have the intent of utilising state of the art world class technologies for  the production of biodiesel through the process of esterification (Pre-treatment of WVO).

These technologies can guarantee that we will produce ' fit for purpose' biodiesel, irrespective of the FFA (Free Fatty Acid) content of the feedstock utilised.


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