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Ethiopia gets geared up for biodiesel


Challenged by fluctuating oil prices and stricken with poverty, Ethiopia is searching for a way to boost the nation's economical situation and perk up the country's poor living conditions. Some Ethi... continue reading  ›

Volvo Tests Biogas, Biodiesel in Airport Snow Sweepers


In what could end up being a great test of biodiesel in cold weather (and there's still plenty of detractors who swear against the green fuel in cold climates) Swedish auto maker Volvo will be testi... continue reading  ›

Project to Turn Coal Plant CO2 Into Biofuel a Success


Algae has been the darling of the biofuel industry for the past few years, but it hasn't gained much traction recently--until now. OriginOil, a startup that hopes to turn "algae oil" into a petrole... continue reading  ›

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