Targets and initiatives

First In Spec Biofuels has formulated the mission statement based upon the fact that there is a huge demand for biodiesel that can be blended with the major fuel companies.

The South African Government has signed the Kyoto Protocol and has committed to a 2% blend of all fossil fuels with biofuels by 2013.

This equates to approximately 200 million litres of biodiesel to be blended with fossil-diesel by 2013.

Currently, there is no biodiesel in the fuel system !

Between now and 2030 the worldwide consumption of fuels for transporation will increase rapidly.  680 million litres of fuel will then be required additionally each year and biofuels will cover one-third of this additional requirement.

The biofuel market offers great potential for the industrial agricultural sector, above all soy, sugar cane and as progress is made , lignocellulose from biomass will permit biofuels to be manufactured on an economically attractive basis.

First In Spec Biofuels has received positive feedback from all fuel companies in South Africa regarding future blending with fossil fuel.

There is a global shortage of alternative fuel and First In Spec Biofuels has various options regarding future offset agreements.

The support of our government enforces the use of a 'fit for purpose' biodiesel across all industries.



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